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# of Hoosiers registered to Donate Life:


Stories of Hope

Curtis Warfield

Organ Recipient

“When I was diagnosed with kidney disease, I didn’t know anything, didn’t know where to go or who to contact,” Curtis recalls. “Going through this has increased my interest and desire to help others experiencing the same thing.”

Mandy Montgomery

Sister of a Donor Hero

“In the end, something really great came out of a senseless tragedy. We were able to do what Chris wanted, and that’s been awesome.”

Faith McKinney

Tissue Recipient and Living Donor

“Leaving the world a better place is always my goal, and I think it’s a goal that others share. Being an organ donor or designating yourself as an organ donor is one way to do that.” 

Nikki Reed

Living Kidney Donor

“I told myself that I would put my name in, and if it didn’t work, then it wasn’t supposed to happen. It didn’t happen, and I realized how disappointed I was.”

William Lewis 

Husband of a Donor Hero

“There are so many in the black community in need of organ donations, but not many of us agree to donate,” William says. “After discussing and praying about it, we decided ‘let’s just do this, and then if something happens, we’ll be able to help people.'”

Dawn Arch

Organ Recipient

“I’m grateful for the chance to live a longer, healthier life. I’m so blessed, and I take nothing for granted.”