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If you are interested in booking a presentation, please complete and submit the form below. Keep these tips in mind:

  • We will try our best to accommodate your preferred dates, but please know that they may already be booked for other programs.
  • If your school or organization is more than 100 miles from Indianapolis or Fort Wayne, and we will be speaking to fewer than 50 students in total, we may ask if more students or classes can join the presentation. We may also suggest a virtual presentation option.
  • Learning materials will be sent in advance for virtual school presentations and self-guided options.
  • If more than one teacher is requesting a presentation, we would prefer that each teacher submit a form that includes their email address. This allows us to email the confirmation to each teacher and keep the communication clear and concise.
  • Field trips are offered as separate requests. If you are interested in booking a field trip with 50 students or fewer, email Education Specialist Andi Atherine at
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If your calendar is flexible, skip this question and we will reach out to you with available dates. If you would rather share your top three choices for which you would like to request a presentation, put them in the box below and we will do our best to accommodate those choices.
Please check the box if you will need a presenter more than one day in order to reach each class (Block-scheduling, hybrid, multiple classes, etc.)
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