Organ donation is a
gift from the heart.

Every day, 16 people die waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant. One donor can save eight lives and heal 75 more. That’s why more than 4 million Hoosiers have said “yes” to being an organ donor at the BMV.

You don’t have to wait until you visit the BMV. You can say “yes” today.

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MYTH: Organ donation is against my religion.

FACT: Major religions support organ donation as a true act of charity.

MYTH: I’m too old to be an organ donor.

FACT: There are no age or medical restrictions to sign up as an organ donor.

MYTH: Organ donation can interfere with funeral arrangements.

FACT: Donors are treated with dignity and respect and can still have open-casket funerals.

MYTH: Doctors don’t try as hard to save organ donors.

FACT: Medical professionals always prioritize their patient’s life first, no matter their donor status.

MYTH: Being a donor could cost my family money.

FACT: Organ donation comes at no cost to donors or their families.

MYTH: Donated organs only go to rich people.

FACT: The matching process is designed to avoid discrimination—only factoring in the severity of illness and time on the waiting list.

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