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Donate Life Indiana team members and trained advocate volunteers invite you and your students to experience our interactive education program. We will provide engaging, hands-on learning that will spark your students' interests in the field of organ and tissue donation and transplantation.

What to Expect

Our curriculum meets Indiana’s state mandate for human organ program instruction. It is best designed for students in grades 7-12.

  • Provide students the opportunity to learn more about the benefits of organ and tissue donation and transplantation.
  • Describes transplantable organs and tissues
  • Defines the process path of organ donors and recipients
  • Addresses myths and misconceptions surrounding donation and transplantation
  • Allows students the opportunity to explore terminology associated with donation, medical careers and health sciences surrounding donation and transplantation

Program Features

  • Personal Testimonies: Students hear from recipients and donor families.
  • Corneal Blindness and Transplant Waiting List Activities: See through the eyes of someone waiting for a lifesaving transplant.
  • Dry Erase Board Activities: Students get an opportunity to review their knowledge by racing against others to write down the correct answer.
  • Scenarios: Students get to apply their knowledge with different interactive scenario activities.



A projector and small table or desk to place interactive props will be needed for this Donate Life Indiana presentation. Students do not need any supplies, but we would prefer a room where students have a working space.

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There are currently 114,969 people waiting for a lifesaving transplant.