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Since 1998, Donate Life Indiana, formerly known as Indiana Donation Alliance Foundation, has spread the "Donate Life" message throughout the State of Indiana.  For almost 20 years, DLI has worked to increase donor designations in Indiana.

What does DLI do?

  • Promotes the Indiana Donor Registry
  • Works with Indiana legislators to keep legislation regarding donation current and up to national standards
  • Collaborates with the BMV to educate customers and staff on donation, provide resources in all Indiana branches about donation, and ensure proper discussion of donation at the transaction counter
  • Works with media partners to spread the "Donate Life" message through mass media outlets
  • Sponsors and hosts local events where we can promote the Indiana Donor Registry and the "Donate Life" message
  • Promotes the "Donate Life" message through public and community relations campaign and grassroots efforts statewide



Indiana Donor Network (IDN), one of 58 designated organ recovery organizations in the U.S., is a vital link between people waiting for life-saving organ transplants and donors.  Working closely with Indiana hospitals, donor families and the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS), they are a team of skilled, experienced professionals responsible for overseeing and coordinating organ donation across Indiana.  Their non-profit organization with more than 100 employees is also committed to educating Hoosiers about the importance of organ and tissue donation.  

Indiana Donor Network's website


The Indiana Lions Eye Bank (ILEB), is a non-profit corporation committed to the restoration of sight and the relief of human suffering.  Since 1959, their organization has restored vision to over 30,000 individuals who have suffered from corneal blindness as a result of injury or disease.  As the primary supplier of cornea tissue in Indiana, the ILEB provides over 1900 corneas for transplant annually.  Since their inception, they have been committed to serving the needs of Indiana residents, not only by supplying readily available transplantable tissue to improve their lives, but also by furnishing tissue for the research and education that may one day eliminate an eye disease or improve upon an existing surgical procedure.  

Indiana Lion's Eye Bank website


Each member organization in Indiana has one representative serving on the Donate LIfe Indiana Board of Directors.


Steve Johnson, Indiana Donor Network


Tim Fischer, Indiana Lions Eye and Tissue Bank




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