Lance Lewis

“The instant bond between our families was incredible.” - Lance Lewis, double lung recipient

Fallen Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Officer David Moore always gave 110% to the task at hand:  as a high school football player, volunteer, friend and public servant. He was an organ donor after his tragic death in 2011.  It only makes sense that the recipient of his lungs, 55 year-old Lance Lewis, now has 152% lung function.  Immediately before the transplant, Lewis’ lung function was a mere 18% and he was on oxygen 24 hours a day.

Lewis had chronic bronchitis throughout childhood and, in 2000, was diagnosed with COPD and a rare genetic condition that causes a progressive form of emphysema.  The transplant has completely changed his life.  He helps raise money and awareness for the Officer David S. Moore Foundation, IOPO and American Lung Association by participating in 12 mile bicycle rides, 5K walks and ‘Fight for Air Climb’ up 35 stories of the Regions Bank building.

“The gratitude and appreciation our family feels for our donor family is indescribable,” said Lewis. “During their time of grief and sorrow, they chose to think of others and to continue their son’s legacy of service to his community through organ donation.”

Lewis and his wife, Cathy, met Spencer and Joann Moore just three months after the transplant. 

“It was ‘family at first sight’,” said Lewis, “and the instant bond between our families was incredible.”

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